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CELEBRATION 2013 - 20 Years of ELSA

ELSA was established in January 1993. In 2003 we held a massive 10 year celebration where we had a celebration day, opened by the Mayor of Fylde and attended by the press and local radio stations. Throughout the day students performed and workshops took place which members of the public could try out their theatrical abilities. The ELSA theme song was performed and on sale, boards displayed the work of  ELSA over the ten years, ex ELSA students and graduates were invited and attended. During the evening friends, students and families of ELSA went out for a celebratory meal.

To celebrate 20 years of ELSA all this will be magnified. We have a wonderful working committee of parents and students and graduates working on what promises to be the event of the year on the FYLDE COAST. Join us here to learn about all the latest developments. The weekend will begin on March 8th 2013 with a  concert performed by the graduates, families and students which will lead into the major day on March 9th.

The Celebration Day will be opened by The Mayor of Fylde and Consort at 10.30am in the Main Hall. Throughout the Day there will be displays, performances and a variety of stalls (such as the 'Aladdin's Cave' sweet stall and cake stall, 'Name the Teddy' and 'Guess the weight of the cake'). Refreshments are available all day in the 'Restaurant', including 'lunch'. A screen presentation  can also be viewed in the Restaurant.

Storytellers Inc. will be presenting 'Storytime' for the under-7s at 11am and 2pm in the 'Lounge'. These sessions are FREE.

The ELSA theme song 'Children of Tomorrow' will be available to purchase on CD for just £5. The 20th Birthday official ELSA photograph will be available to purchase for £12.50 (pre-orders just £10) and the ELSA special edition birthday wristbands will be available for £1.50.

The ELSA birthday cake will be cut following the Grand Draw and speeches at 3pm and everyone is invited to take and eat a piece!

HRH the Prince of Wales has been invited to attend.

The local Press and Radio have been invited to attend.

If you wish to be more involved with these plans please contact Emily directly or through the website or by email: 

Grand Celebration Raffle - March 9th

The following local business have already pledged wonderful prizes for our Grand Raffle:

Booths, Lytham; Salvation Hair, Lytham; Thorntons/Hallmark, Lytham; Olivers Pizzeria and Bistro, St Annes; ELSA, St Annes; Bluebird Recording Studio; Helio Fitness Centre, St Annes; Storytellers Inc., St. Annes,St. Annes Operatic Society plus many more prizes

Tickets are available NOW. The raffle will be drawn at 3pm on March 9th at the Celebration Event.

Thank you to all our sponsors and to the ELSA committee for all their support, hard work and generous donations.




The ELSA theme song, 'Children of Tomorrow' has been re-recorded. This features a new generation of students and reflects the rhythm and updated lyrics of 2013. Auditions took place for this recording and 12 students were selected.This recording will be available to purchase at the Celebration Weekend.

On Saturday February 16th ELSA will be performing live at Booth in Lytham as part of the lead-up to our 20th anniversay.