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  • "I know it is all the effort and encouragement she has received from you in her drama lessons that has helped her develop the confidence ..."
    Mrs Robertson
    Parent of student
  • "'... a fantastic production - better than some professional ones I've been to. You have created some very talented children. Congratulations on a superb show."
    Parent of new student
    Impressed Mum

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Children of Tomorrow

Special Edition CD now available to pre-order at the exclusive price of £5. Click on the 'Contact' button to request it or email Emily on or text her on 07969 481 556


Congratulations to all students who auditioned to be on the new recording of 'Children of Tomorrow'.  The recording cast are:

Millie Stephens

Holly Stephens

Matthew Hellewell

Madelaine Markham

Erin James

Conor James

Poppy Appleton

Emily Gardner

Grace Hammond

Molly Baldwin

Siobahn Cartmell

Molly Turley


In 1998 Emily Laws (Lyrics) and Yvonne Smedley (Music) composed ELSA's Theme Song, 'Children of Tomorrow'.

In 1999 Emily, Yvonne, 15 students and some of their families travelled by coach to a professional studio in Wakefield to make the first recording of the track, incorporating a trip to Bradford's famous TV and Film studio.

On December 1st an updated version of the song was recorded as part of our 2013 celebrations at Bluebird Recording Studio in St. Annes.  It was a successful and enjoyable experience and covered extensively by the Local Press.


The Lyrics

We're looking up at the mountains

We're gazing down to the deep

When you are fearful of drowning

When your road seems too steep

When obstacles are in your way

However tough it seems

Never doubt the truth

There's no impossible dreams


CHORUS: We are the children of tomorrow

We're reaching for the stars, the highest heights

Believe in us the way we do. We want to share the dream with you

We are the future, the shining lights


We have been given a gift

We have been given a voice

We have been given the world

We have been given a choice

We're told that dreams just can't come true

The price is just too high

But though our feet may touch the ground

You're going to see us fly


We're holding onto dreaming

This is where it starts

We'll shine on through tomorrow cos

We're following our hearts