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  • "I know it is all the effort and encouragement she has received from you in her drama lessons that has helped her develop the confidence ..."
    Mrs Robertson
    Parent of student
  • "'... a fantastic production - better than some professional ones I've been to. You have created some very talented children. Congratulations on a superb show."
    Parent of new student
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ELSA's Voices

ELSA's Voices was created in January 2011. We are the only Acting School to have achieved Blackpool's 'Hear By Rights' professional  status. This means that ELSA listens to the young people who form the membership of the school. We have formed a committee of students who meet on a regular basis to discuss and formulate how ELSA progresses. The young committee members take on a variety of roles which change on a termly basis. Roles include 'Publicity', 'Voice of the Student',  'Respect of Premises',  'Holiday Club Rep', 'Future Shows' etc..

The purpose of ELSA's Voices is to ensure that the young people who ARE ELSA form a fundamental part of the politics, decisions and future of our 'school'. 

Members of ELSA's Voices are volunteers who are subsequently elected from all classes and can be as young as 5 up to their 18th birthday.  


ELSA’s voices meeting 10/12/12






Emily Laws

Amy Stockdale

Helen Ruffley

Elizabeth Ruffley

Sophie Harper

Kathryn Harper

Diane Hammond

Molly Turley

Bernadette Appleton

Ruth Turley






Erin James

Chris Bell-Smith

Sasha Bell-Smith

Emma Couchman

Ian Appleton

Pam Tyler

Josh Tyler

Ron Collins




1)      Poppy Appleton stood in on behalf of the missing students. Emma Couchman and Alastair Crooks have left ELSAs voices.

2)     Minutes from the last meetings

·         Sophie provided ideas for holiday clubs and these will be considered in future holiday clubs

·         Bluebird Studios was used to record ‘Children of Tomorrow’

·         Amy will provide the red ribbon to be cut on the 20th celebrations

·         Elizabeth to take forward photo responsibilities

·         Elizabeth Booth will provide 48 cupcakes for the celebrations

·         Any containers for sweets to be given to Amy

Minutes agreed by Elizabeth Ruffley, seconded by Bernadette Appleton.

3)     ELSA Christmas Carol:

It was agreed that the Christmas Carol was a great show, with good casting and parts for all. A bigger audience attended than previous shows and 5 new juniors were involved in the show. Great costumes provided. Pictures should be available within a week on the website.

It has been decided that the cost of entry to shows will increase to £6 for adults and £4 for children. The ELSA entry prices have not gone up in 7 years and so it was decided this increase was very reasonable.

The price of the tea and coffee at the interval had been increased to £1. It was commented at the show and in the meeting that this was too expensive.

ACTION- the price will be reduced to 50p.


4)     Exam Term

Next term of ELSA is the exam term. Students and parents have the option to choose their children’s exams or leave the decision up to Emily.

Some pieces will be performed on the celebration day.

There will be new helpers, some are graduates of ELSA, who have a lot of experience of LAMDA exams and all will hold Enhanced CRBs.

Emily can offer some private lesson for students who would like extra exam practice.

ACTION- Emily is to write a small letter about exam term, explaining the structure and the groups of children, also explaining that the hour is intense tuition.


5)     Theme song

The ELSA theme song CD is finished and available to buy for £5 each. If wanted contact Emily via text, email, Facebook or website.

The recording was covered with great articles in the Press, from the front page and page 3 of the Gazette and 2 articles in the Lytham St Annes Express.


6)     Booths

Emily wrote to Booths to see if we can perform in the foyer and if they would donate a raffle prize for the celebration day.

Booths wrote back and confirmed we can sing in their foyer on the 16th February @ 2pm. We will be performing songs we already know and some people will perform solos.

They also said they are going to provide a raffle prize on the day.

Raffle tickets and CDs will be on sale on the day.

ACTION- Bernadette Appleton to provide an advertising board for the day.


7)     Raffle

We will be using raffle ticket books. 400 books will be purchased in black and white for £32. The tickets will be sold @ 50p per ticket or £2 for a book of 5.

ACTION-Emily to put an explanation in the newsletter about the raffle tickets, detailing that tickets must be paid for or returned.

Katherine and Sophie will be coming in on the 12th to distribute/keep a record of raffle tickets

Prizes thus far:

-Hamper from Booths

-£25 meal voucher for ‘Olivers’

-Signed Keith and Orvill picture and CD

-2 separate recording sessions at Bluebird Studios

- and many more!!

ACTION- Everyone try and get other companies to donate raffle prizes. Check with Emily first to ensure that company hasn’t already been asked.


8)     Mayor

The mayor has confirmed she will be coming to open the celebrations on the Saturday at 10.30. One student will be picked to greet the mayor with Emily. Students who want to do this will have their name put in a hat and one will be chosen. 

ACTION- Cones are needed distinguish the mayors parking space. Does anyone have any or know of any?

There needs to be reserved seating for the mayor and flowers for the student who greets her to give.


9)     Chris Haylett

£150-to provide a sound system on the day, to play background music and to make announcements throughout the day.

ACTION- Emily to ask Paula and Malcolm about their sound system

This needs deciding and booking before next meeting if using.


10) Evening Venue

After looking around many hotels and venues, by Kathryn and Sophie, it was decided that the information provided about Tiggis was the best.

They would offer the upstairs area as a private venue.

£16 for adults, 3 courses and coffee

Approximately £7 for children 3 courses

40-70 people

Private bar

Book for 6pm and pre-order the food

ACTION: Kathryn to make a provisional booking which can be fully booked at the beginning on February. A letter needs to be put together with a menu and money needs to be paid in advance.


11)  Friday Evening

7pm- A short concert where graduates, student and parents can perform solo or group numbers. This concert will be free.

ACTION- Amy- anyone who wants to perform, tell Amy the people and the number and she will create a running order

After the concert everyone stay and prepare for  Saturday’s events


12)  Display boards

We still don’t have any display boards. We need about 8 for the day.

ACTION- Everyone- Please find any display boards possible.


13) Leaflets

Bernadette and Ian will kindly provide leaflets. 2000 A5 leaflets to be distributed around shops and businesses and other public places such as libraries. A number of A4 ones will be made for display boards and a big one will be made for the Booths day. Thank you so much Les Appletons!


14) AOB

Emily may write to Prince Charles as he helped to set up ELSA in the Princes trust. His initial letter will be displayed on the day.


The letters about photos have been passed out to parents. ACTION- Emily to send out email with details below.

11am 12th January

Red and Yellow tops and black bottoms, siblings in one of each colour.

Helen to collect money on first day of term

ACTION- Elizabeth to look into putting writing on the frame or photo


Amy has ordered 20th Celebration wristbands. These should be here in the new year. Thank you Amy.


Elizabeth has the ELSA letter heading on file if anyone needs it when writing a letter.


Amy has completed her First Aid training. Congratulations Amy


Next meeting :-  Saturday 19th January 2013 @ 1pm


Meeting closed 20.30pm


Thanks to the Appleton’s for hosting today’s meeting.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!! J